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Friday, December 26, 2014

Quilts of 2014

Haven't posted properly in a really long time - lots of half posts saved to drafts, but very little finished thought. Would write when I can but all those promises of "so much free time" when the kids went back to school? Lies. All of that lies. Busier than ever and constantly on the move. Also, did different things this year. Much more knitting this fall - portable made it more appealing.

But it's time to do my annual tally. N loves to tease me for all my lists and this is the GrandDaddy of all the lists of the year. So here goes :)

1. Read 26 books. 1 less than last year. Might be able to get through one more before Wednesday, but not super worried about it!
2. Quilts and Sewing Projects - Made 7 "actual" quilts this year, one half-quilt-half-afghan, 3 comfort zones, some seriously awesome pillows and 17 pairs of pajamas. Actually, I'm more impressed than I was expecting. Thought I hadn't gotten much done!

The Ugly Quilt

Quilts for the twins 3rd birthday - these were super fun :) 

Knitted afghan lined with flannel. Lots of delicious pink to work with!

 3 comfort zones. Mr. Ed is convinced we could make our fortunes with these. 
Very popular with ANYONE who sits on them!
Have trouble getting Mr. Ed to get OFF them actually :)

 The Twilight payback pillows. This fabric is too awesome to not post twice :)

 17 pairs of pajamas. Amazing how fast kids grow.
N's bare ankles already poke out of most of them...

 N's Time Vortex Quilt. Sleeps with it every night and absolutely loves it. Couldn't ask for more!

The Alphabet Quilt. 
Made from four fat quarters - loved the fabric so much I bought it four separate times. Just did a simple "pinstripe" for the quilting and hand-stitched the binding for the first time.
Much happier with the results.
Tucked away for Julius' baby girl, due in April.

The Four-Day Quilt
Had all the fabric and everything put aside to make a quilt for my lovely neighbour's birthday. She is the absolute best and purple is her favourite colour. Then I totally forgot about it until a week before her day. So one morning I sent the kids off to school and started sewing.
Four straight days of quilting later I had a very pretty lap quilt.
Hand-sewed the binding and everything! 
Not the tidiest disappearing nine-patch but I had so much fun with my self-imposed deadline and LOVED the fabric. 

The Super-Gigantic Leftovers Pajama Quilt
Made this out of all the leftover fabric from the pajamas, plus a few pj tops the boys never wear.
It was stunning how huge it ended up being. The fabric just kept going and going and going! 
Came out at 72x98 inches. And even then, I hand-stitched the binding on...took forever.
All in navy fabric! Not worlds best plan, but yards of cozy flannel. Awesome :) 

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's a lot of quilting! Way to go!