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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nailed It!

This morning I was in a great mood - got up, went to the gym with Ash, had a great workout and came home to everyone in a happy good mood. So I thought I'd make them something special for breakfast. I bought a tone of bread the other day at the grocery store and it's taking up all my counter space. This immediately could be solved by making French Toast. And if I'm in for a penny I'm in for a pound so I thought I'd be all fancy and make NINJA French toast.
 I cut out all the little guys with our ninja cookie cutters and dipped them in the egg mixture.
 I think there MAY have been a little too much egg. Or something. Either way...
 Nailed it!
Ed teases me constantly about my Pinterest addiction but he agrees that I rarely have any "nailed it" moments. I'm good at crafts and baking and don't attempt things that I think will go badly. 
But I really thought Ninja French Toast would look a LITTLE better than this! 
They kind of remind me of this guy:
which is one of Mr. Ed's favourite movies so maybe it's not too bad...
On the pluse side, they were thrilled with the idea, ate every one and asked me to make them again.
Still, next time....I'm aiming for better looking ninjas!

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