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Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Own Dr Who Scarf ;)

I know the colours are wrong. But the length is right! 
And I watched umpteen episodes with N while working on it. 
And the colour is Tardis-y. 
So it's MY Dr. Who Scarf
 It felt like the scarf that would never end (I recently checked and I posted about it almost exactly a year ago) but to be fair, I've not exactly focused on it until recently and then I just seemed to want it DONE. I don't work in super-fine sock yarn very often for a reason and while lovely and smooth, this was bamboo and it was very ... splitty. 
Still, I loved the round and round of the pattern and adored the colours. I also loved curling up with N on the couch to watch OUR show and talk about all the twists and turns of Dr. Who-dom. It's the best bonding time ever and I will never ever give this scarf away, if only for the memories and snuggles embedded in each stitch.
N actually wanted to model the scarf for me today - he had a Ninja pose all planned out and everything - but A wouldn't cooperate. The plan was for each of them to hold an end and strike a pose. N lost interest after awhile so in the end, Mr. Bear resumed his scarf modelling career. 
After the longest winter ever I can't say I'm eager for the cool weather to get here, but I will be happy to have this to wear when the fall finally does descend!

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