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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lighthouse Keeping

Anyone who has ever visited my house knows I love Lighthouses. Actually, these days it's more obvious that I love my kids (photos and their artwork are dominant everywhere) but in my bedroom I have all my lighthouse prints and my lighthouse quilt and ... it's an obsession. And ever since I saw the pattern on Ravelry I have been DYINGto make The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife by Melissa Schashwary. Last week I spent an hour reading through all the projects and checking all the modifications and suggestions. I have never known a pattern so well before starting but I want it to be perfect! 
When Mary Maxim closed a few months ago I bought three skeins of Cascade Eco+ with the intention of using it for this sweater. It wasn't my first choice of colour but the only one they had more than two skeins of, and I live in fear of running out (and I already knew I wanted to make the sweater longer than in the pattern). Of course, it's N's favourite colour so he's pretty pleased with my choice. 
Then I got to play with my new swift :) 
The boys are used to me doing elaborate yoga as I wrap the skein around my feet and wind it like that. Neither one ever wants to volunteer to hold the yarn. My Grandpa LOVES to hold the yarn for me, but that requires me to be organized and have it with me when I go to see him. I don't always remember. So Robyn sent me a swift and I have been waiting to play with it. Such fun. A looks like a little kitten swiveling his head about as it spins.
Going to re-watch the video on Judy's Magic Cast-on (recommended on Ravelry - no seam for the hood) and then I'm casting on my new red sweater!

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Echo +
Col.N: 0507, Lot#2J3233
Red :)

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

YEY for the swift! And the red is stunning. It'll be nice!!