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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Assembly Line

When Mr. Ed bought the red piano a few months back, I had to dismantle my sewing desk and put away my quilting tables for while. It took some time for me to figure out where to set up - our place isn't that small but the boys have the run of it and I don't want my craft supplies to be in the way, or get damaged when they are playing.
Eventually I comandeered a corner and got back to work. 
This is where I set up my assembly line for making Pyjamas:

 This is my homemade ironing board - made from some extra wood I had in the basement, batting, and some fabric Robyn gave me (it's actually from a sheet set - I just loved the rulers!) 
I would have preferred my OWN sewing room and an ironing table like this, but overall, it works pretty good!
 This entire project underlined why I cannot make things for money, or on demand. As cute as the pjs are and as much as I adore my boys. I have never disliked a project so much! It was just too fiddly and took too long and, to be fair, I tried to make too many all at once. I did not enjoy being an assembly line. I got into a panic when I realized that N was likely the largest size I could make with this length of fabric. And once I got into the larger sizes it would be prohibitively expensive. But I had bought SO much fabric. And I knew that if I put it away for too long I wold never get back to it. So I cut out all the pairs and just made myself SEW! Thank goodness for Netflix... hours of Dr Who and other shows made this bearable.
 These are the labels I made for the pjs - otherwise you couldn't tell the back from the front, or really, which ones belong to whom. HUGE hit with N. 
I love that kid - he SO appreciates when I make things for him.
(Another thing that made it all worthwhile!)
I may never sew another pair of pants again as long as I live but I'm totally happy with these ones :) 

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the use of the ruler fabric! The kids let you take it from their lego dump sheet?