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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Medal I Didn't Win


...But totally earned. This weekend was rough. A had dental surgery on Friday and required 4 root canals, 8 caps and fillings in every one of his twenty baby teeth. He's 3. It took 6 adults to hold him down to administer the anesthetic, and he screamed. He's been having night terrors ever since. And his little face is all puffy. And he hurts. And he wont let me out of his sight. 

He's breaking my heart. The work was (clearly) necessary and I cannot say more good things about the Dental Surgeon or the staff who took care of my sweet boy. He went into the operating room all smiles and cracking jokes. He even put the mask on himself and was pretending to be Darth Vadar. But when they started the gas he panicked. That part was hard. When he came out of recovery 
(2 hours later) his first questions was "I want Mommy" and the second was "Can we go to Tim Hortons?". Then he snuggled up in my arms and went back to sleep. 

Since we've been home he's been very quiet. Very cuddly. Just wants to watch Leapfrog and Dora and be held. N is trying to be a good big brother but it turned out he was headed for an ear infection and with all the lack of sleep we've been getting THAT manifested at gymnastics with a loss of balance and a screaming headache. Luckily a Mom at our school is a pediatrician who makes house calls and she, fantastic person that she is, came right over after Mother's Day dinner and gave us some antibiotics. We all are going to bed EARLY!

So the medal? I was supposed to run the Sporting Life 10K today. At 8:00 this morning. Because that's what we do on Mother's Day in Toronto. Shut down Yonge street and run a 10K. I wasn't feeling all that trained for it but I REALLY wanted that medal and it was supposed to be (and was) a perfect morning for a race. But I didn't get to sleep until 5:00 a.m. and just couldn't do it. So I missed the race. And the medal, which is very cute and I really wanted for my collection!

But my darling best friend Ash brought me the sweetest Mother's Day gift (next to all the homemade ones my kids gave me of course). She showed up at my door with a medal and a note that read:
"Get some sleep. I snagged this for you, because if ANYONE's earned one this weekend, it's you!"


Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a week you've had. You certainly deserved that medal from Ash. That was very nice of her. Hope A is feeling better and N too from his ear infection.

Hope you had a happy mother's day regardless of not doing the run.

Mrs. Match said...

Aw, that's a sweet medal. That was so nice of your friend to bring you one! Sounds like it was well earned. Hope next week is better!