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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Flowers and a Card made by N 

My Mom Is..
My Mom is the best and a WoW MoM
She helps me make stuff
I think she is very kind
She is special because she buys me toys
I love my mom because she loves me
My mother is a WoW MoM!

Coffee Cup coloured and decorated by A

A's handprints made into flowers (I am a sucker for handprints!) and a flower pot card that reads:
"I love my Mommy because I go to the grocery store with her"
This makes me smile EVERY time I read it. 

Tulips from my Boys :) 

I really want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my sons' teachers. They do incredible and incredibly meaningful crafts and works of art with my kids and the boys are SO proud to give them to me on Mother's Day morning. They hid everything in N's drawer throughout the week and I "wasn't allowed to do laundry" so I wouldn't sneak a peek! A gift in itself :)
They were all giggles and excitement when they brought them out this morning and then "helped" me make coffee to go in my special new mug. We're a bit under the weather here (despite all the sunshine) so it was a fairly low-key day, but throughout it they would bring me one of their gifts to be re-read and admired and praised. They were SO proud. A was delighted every time I had more coffee and N made sure I noticed all the "diamonds" he glued on my card. 
Someday they will be big and will (hopefully) buy gifts and cards.
But these, for now, mean SO much more!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's so sweet! I got some really nice handmade cards too and Quentin made me a tea cup with a card with a tea bag and a muffin to go with the tea, however... he insisted he had to eat the muffin, so I let him. LOL. Didn't need the calories anyhow. I got a Visa Gift Card (which I bought 2 ebooks and 1 audiobook with so far) and didn't sit down for one minute as we had too much going on! More about that in my reply email to you soon.