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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter Dinner

As a stay-at-home Mom whose husband also works from home, the three worst words in the English language are: HOLIDAY LONG WEEKEND. I love my family, I do. But we spend a lot of time together. And long weekends are always a "chance" for Mr. Ed to catch up on work. So it means three days of keeping the kids busy while everything we usually do is packed busy and they just want their dad. I dread them. And this year for the l...o......n....g, four-day Easter weekend, the boys decided they couldn't stand each other. They fought from the minute I picked them up on Thursday from school until I dropped them back off Tuesday morning. I wanted to give them away to the circus! 

So Sunday afternoon, when the sun was shining and I couldn't take the screaming anymore, we decided to take a walk to the park. My family was coming for dinner and I had just put the hams in the oven. I figured I had at least an hour or so before I needed to come back and take care of the side dishes and what-not. (The hams should have taken 3 hours to cook).

I'm not sure EXACTLY how long I was gone but it was about 90 minutes. Mr. Ed had called me 9 times (cell phone was somewhere in my pocket) and when I opened the front door the smoke detector was going off and the oven had smoke pouring out of it. I rushed over, pulled on my oven mitts and yanked open the oven door. I MAY have been a little too aggressive but the rack tipped and everything came spilling out and smashed on the floor! 

I was going through the photocard the other day and found the above shot. It was the best laugh we'd had all weekend and the boys (Mr. Ed included) were THRILLED at the idea of Pizza and Easter Eggs for dinner.  Sometimes, it's best just to lay your head on the floor and accept the inevitable...


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OMG. I can't top this one. Love you!