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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Comfort Zone

It  always cracks me up when the boys talk like their Dad. Mr Ed has a very distinctive way of putting things - usually just the amount of enthusiasm he injects into everything he says (he could have written "Everything is Awesome" - and the boys pick up on it. So when they came to the end of their Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning and found these pillow loungers waiting for them, they both dove in and N shrieked "you made us Comfort Zones!!!!! These are AWESOME!!!"

The amount of use they have seen since have made the ten minutes of sewing totally worth it! (and some of the hours I've put into other projects a little bit ...not) They love them. N drags his to bed every night and sleeps perched way up on top of his bed. I SWEAR he was the Prince(ss) and the Pea in a past life! They watch movies and play video games and do homework on them. And when their friends come for playdates they now take the place of honour OVER the beloved bean bag chair!
Best Project Ever : )

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Totally making some for my boys... eventually... lol.... need to find time! HA HA! And need Walmart to have a sale on pillows. Yours are just awesome and they looked so cozy in person!