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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pretty Cardigan

The Mary Maxim catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. Breaks my heart a little as our store closed this week and though there is talk of them re-opening it may not be in our neighbourhood. So as of Monday I no longer have a walking-distance yarn shop. And they were SO nice there. A used to go in and pet all the yarn and beads and say "oh the pretties" and they smiled and showed him more pretties! I've been in yarn stores that could barely stand the sight of children. I have a whole collection of yarns in my stash that he picked out. They were the ones who told me about Ravelry! And the Beekeepers Quilt! And helped me pick the gorgeous purple yarn for my Miriam Cardigan (nearly done). I will miss them and am keeping all fingers and toes crossed in the hopes that they DO reopen relatively nearby! Makes crafting little hard to I hope they do so soon... 

Anyway, I was looking through the book while I had my morning coffee and found the pattern for their (boringly named) crochet cardigan. I made it two summers ago with the intention of looking as good as the model by the time I finished. THAT didn't happen and after trying it on myself, my Mom, and my Aunt it was decided that it would look/fit best on Grandma. So I blocked it and wrapped it up all pretty and gave it to her for her birthday.  She was so surprised - after years of teaching me every craft she knows and knitting all of us sweater after sweater and afghan after afghan I don't think anyone has ever given her something! Apparently it looks quite cute on her. I'm not sure if it's payback for the things she thinks the boys or I have never worn... but while she's rumoured to have worn it on many occasions, I have NEVER seen it on her!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

You & your kids are always welcome in my yarn shop... :) ANYTIME!

So sad that the shop closed before I was able to get down to Toronto. I hope they do re-open in your neighborhood soon!