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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Speaking My Language

This past weekend was the MOST fun! 
After years of online contact and months of email and blog writing, I had the chance to meet Robyn of Knit and Purl Mama.  Years ago I bought a darling sock blocker kit from her online shop Robyn's Nest and then completely separately found her blog and started reading that. Then last year she bought her very own yarn shop, Les Lainages Du Petit Mounton in Montreal.  And I've ordered treats from there too. She's hilarious and fun and it was very cool to meet her in person. Her friend Orley came along too as well as Robyn's son and Orley's daughter - ages 3 and 4. So A had a blast with his new buddies. On Friday we all met up at the Creativ Festival and then Saturday we hit Knitters Frolic. The kids were troupers and the Mom's had a great time checking out all the goodies. 

I'm sure Robyn and Orley weren't quite as much in awe of this fact as I was (Robyn DOES own a knitting store) but I must have said to Mr. Ed a thousand times since they left "It's like they were speaking my language!" It's not very often that I get to spend a whole weekend talking crafts and projects and yarn and fabric with people who actually DO all those things too! I really must get my act together and find a knit night to join as I really LOVED every minute and .... Montreal is FAR! 

The weather has been yuck this week so a little hard to take photographs, but here are a few of the goodies I picked up:
This bit of purple loveliness is 116 grams of handspun merino plied with pretty blue cotton. Then the desinger - Debi Garon of Designs in Elegance - threaded alphabet beads all through. Super cute and fun. Not QUITE sure what I am going to do with it but am thinking of the Last Minute Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns. I may need to get a little more blue cotton but I think it would show off the yarn really well.
At Knitters Frolic, which was really quite spectacular (and only a little overwhelming) I fell in love with the yarns and particularly the display put together by The Needle Emporium. They did a really spectacular job of showcasing their yarns - or the yarn of Mrs. Crosby loves to play - by displaying them in antique suitcases and travel trunks. They had several kits made up and then shawls and wraps in a variety of colour combinations on display with all of the patterns and yarn options right there for you to choose from. 
 I bought Icebox Watermelon, Submarine and Midnight Aubergine which are destined to become Colour Affection! And my darling Jo is working on a triple yarn bowl for me to keep the yarn separate so I may actually finish it!
 I was working on taking the photographs when this card fell out of my shopping bag. 
Mr Ed thinks I should frame it ;)
 And finally, my jelly rolls. I didn't buy these - they were a lovely present from Robyn as a pre-thank you for some sewing I promised to do for her. Wonderful barter system. And I know EXACTLY what I want to do with them. After three jelly roll race quilts I think I want to try a braid quilt. This fabric will be perfect!

So much fun and fiber and goodies crammed into 24 hours. Definitely going to have to plan a sequel!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

I am so glad to speak your language. I had a FANTASTIC time even if we had kids in toe. I almost wish I didn't have to leave on the Sat to go back to see my old friend (cuz that was a waste of time!) and we could have hung out longer. We'll have to make good use of the time in June then. The kids will play ninjas and we'll knit and craft and talk and sip tea. (Or iced drinks.. it'll be summer!!) Cannot wait!!! I cannot wait to see the quilt with the jelly rolls. I just looked at the link you posted, it'll be very nice!

I also cannot wait to see what you do with the beaded yarn. I was thinking "cowl" as well for the skeins I picked up at that same boutique. And I need more hours in the day to knit with all the yarn I picked up at both Creativ and Frolic.

And Montreal is not that far, so you do have to come visit. But it's far for a weekly knit night, I agree. I can get you the info of some Toronto knitting groups if you are looking for one! (Do you even have the time? LOL)