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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Visit from Elton

So Mr. Ed is notorious for his shopping. He doesn't do it very often so I start to relax and then BAM! I have some new thing in my life that he is super excited about but I may not be (furniture, my manual transmission car, the brown bean bag chair that is SO ugly but everyone else loves!)  Take the red piano for example. I received a text the other day saying "I bought a Piano" and three days later... there is was. It's RED. Like, belongs in Elton John's house RED. I tried to be excited... I tried. And then I got really really mad. So the piano was hidden away in Mr. Ed's office and was largely ignored.

Then I started to feel bad. I want my kids to learn music. I wasn't the biggest fan of playing myself but I did play, all the way through High School. I'm told I wasn't very good, but I did get 103% in typing class so there must be some benefit...

But I do want them to play. Both kids love music and I know all the ways in which it's good for them. A is fascinated by the piano but N wont go near it because he's more sensitive to my moods and he's not sure if he's supposed to like it or not. So he's avoiding it. And that's not fair. So I made myself be a grown-up and found a really great, kid-friendly instructor. Ed bought the red piano because he wanted it to be accessible and I ruined it a little.  N had his first lesson last week and it went incredibly well. So we've been practicing. And I'm having weird flash-backs to when I played as a kid.  It's funny how little bits of music will run through your brain. I distinctly remember learning this song and I vividly remember crossing one hand over the other to hit one of the notes. But I cannot for the life of me remember how! I'm determined to figure it out.  We're off to lesson number two tonight and just this afternoon, while we were "cramming" in some last minute homework, N suddenly GOT it. He figured out the first song he was assigned and is about as excited as N will get about this sort of thing to show off. Fingers crossed!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Seeing the piano in person, I have to say it's a neat piano. I want Mack to start taking lessons, I think he would love it. I don't even know where we would put a piano in our house, but I'm sure if my kids started lessons, there is an electrical piano in my parents house (a rather large one) that they bought years ago for my sister, who quit piano after not long... that would could inherit as neither of my parents play piano. Though, I like your red one better, lol. It's nice. And the bench makes a cozy seat for lunch! :)