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Friday, February 28, 2014

Taking a Break

So I have to put this in writing or I will break my promise. 
I am taking a ONE MONTH break from quilting. It's the end of February and I have already finished three quilts and I have SO many things I want to make but...I need a break. My neck hurts, my digestive system is a mess, I'm not sleeping well and in general, I just don't feel well. 
My massage therapist says I need to stop hunching over my sewing and wrestling big projects. She also says I need to stress less. I told her to talk to Mr. Ed (he's on several deadlines and his stress is tangible). She says I need to eat better and sleep more. And exercise.
She's not wrong :(

I have a race in six weeks I am NOT ready to run and I want to be. 
I have a birthday coming up and a dress I want to wear. 
I am tired of feeling gross. So I'm taking a break to focus on feeling better.

I have my knitting. I'm allowed to knit. And I like knitting. 
I got a little crazy with the quilting....

On that note, here are quilts 2 and 3 for this year :) 
See this fabric? Isn't it adorable? Doesn't it look warm and cosy in the sun? 
(I miss the sun)

I bought it last summer to make one of these for A. But he didn't want it. 
So I had six yards of fabric and no idea what to DO with it.
Then my buddy from the States announced she was coming to visit (and taking me to see Imagine Dragons tomorrow night!) and she has darling twin girls who will be turning 3 in a few months and YAY I had a purpose for all that fabric! 
 Twin quilts! Really really simple quilts. They were better ironed before I left the house, but the sun was shining and I wanted to take pictures outside.  This was done in between school drop-offs in a mad rush so I'll have to live with the wrinkles!
 Here is the backing fabric and a closer look at the stitching. For one I did diagonal lines and the other I did log-cabin style rectangles. No stippling but I'm very happy with end results.
Not the girliest fabric ever but when the twins were first born their Mom and Dad got into this huge and hilarious debate about whether they would play baseball or do highland dancing! I thought a little soccer, baseball, bike-riding and camp activities would cover all options :)
And while I can't believe I'm saying this... perhaps a little break from pink isn't the end of the world?

So that's it for quilting for a month at least. I worked on a pretty, girly knitting project this weekend so I should have some pink to post soon.


Mrs. Match said...

Beautiful quilts, and I love the Berenstein bears print! I also love that you didn't do overly girly prints. I'm a tomboy myself, and I think it was from all the pink forced on me as a child. ;-)
I think it's great you're taking a break for your health, and I'm super jealous you get to go see Imagine Dragons! Radioactive is my favorite song!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is the coolest fabric ever... seriously! We are huge Berenstein bears fans!