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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good- Bye to Mrs. R

N  had the most wonderful teacher this year. She was the perfect person to teach Grade 1. 
She is warm and loving and kind, but also strong academically. Visiting her class was a pleasure. She created an amazing environment of support and caring. The kids all encourage and applaud each other and they all worked well together. N grew by leaps and bounds in his reading and ... just everything. She is incredible. 
And yesterday was her last day. She has been at our school for two years now, covering a maternity leave, and the original teacher is coming back on Tuesday. I'm sure she is very nice but until we get to know her, we're all a bit unsettled.  We had a good-bye/Valentine's party in her honour and everyone showed up! Parents took the day off work and it was one big celebration. I have a feeling that this lady knows how to throw a party! (even without cocktails this was pretty great). 
The kids put together a beautiful scrapbook and many of us brought gifts. 
N asked me to make something (he asked for a quilt but time is a little limited!) so I knitted up the sweet Apple pattern by Natural Suburbia

An Apple for Our Teacher

A bright red shiny apple, a gift of thanks for all you do.
The seeds of learning taking root, sown with care by you.
Your daily smiles and guiding hand, your encouragement and praise,
Shape our hearts and minds and thoughts and light so many ways.
Your insistence on hard work in school, and true belief in our best,
Sets the course for future goals, and a lifetime of success.
You will always be remembered, although some time may pass,
Your imprint on our lives, will be a legacy that lasts.

I realised the night before the party that I had no brown! But I think the Eclipse Yarn works rather well :)
I love this little pattern. It's just so ...perfect. And N was so cute giving it to his teacher. She cried. Then I cried. There were many tears and hugs and love yesterday. Our dear Mrs. R will be around - she's not gone forever of course! But we will miss her in our daily lives.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

sorry to hear that the good teacher has left. That's a very cute apple!

Mrs. Match said...

Oh that is just the cutest apple, and what a sweet send off. I love good teachers, and sometimes they are really hard to come by.