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Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Cold I Need a Hat

 I am not the biggest fan of hats. I don't wear them and I have a hard time "making" my kids wear them. I hate anything on my head and neck. So you KNOW it's cold when I decide I need a hat. After a couple of ridiculous ventures out wearing one I had borrowed from the boys, and a disastrous shopping trip where I became that person muttering "$60 for a HAT? Are they CRAZY??", it was time to make one for myself. I knit. A hat is little. This should be easy. And it was. So easy I may have to make more!
The pattern is Susan B Anderson's Lost Banner Hat and the selling point was the line "The adult size easily fits on my 22-inch head"! My head is 22-inches too! And I find most hats too tight and they look stupid. I grabbed a ball of my favourite yarn - Sidar Folksong - and knit myself a hat. It took about a day and a half. And it fits! And it's cute! And...most importantly's WARM :)
Shocking, I know. A hat keeps you warm. I don't promise it will be worn every day exactly. But it's much better than N's shark (eating your head) hat and I really do love saying "Oh this hat? I made it myself? Why yes, it's cute. And yes, if you babysit my kids and clean my house I'll make one for you too". That part I really like :)

I know, the Sharktopus may not have been the best model. But he's cuter than me and the kids refused to volunteer.

(hat finished Friday February 7, used 1 1/2 balls of yarn)

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a cute Socktopus tho! Neat hat! Looks great!