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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Forgotten Hippo

So was thinking about my hippos and how much fun I had making them, ONCE I had tracked down the sweaters. Then I realized I hadn't posted pics of the one that started it all. Last year my cousin got married. It was a beautiful wedding and he married his wonderful bride D. I adore D. I've known her since J introduced us eight years ago. She is great. My kids love her. She is fun and cute and owns more clothes than Chanel. Seriously! When they bought their first house it took a ridiculous number of trips to move all her clothes and the new closets J built for her rival Carrie Bradshaw's closet in the Sex and the City movie.

At some point she mentioned that she had a bag of clothes to go to charity. I offered to drop them off as I go past a centre every week when I take the boys to gymnastics. Anyway, on top of the pile of clothes to go was the prettiest blue and white angora sweater. It was darling and really had nothing wrong with it except a bit of piling. And D said that it shed quite a lot. Anyway, I pounced on it and vowed to make something with it. D is 10 million sizes smaller than me so there was no hope of absconding with the sweater in order to wear it myself ;)

I didn't want to ruin the tiny sweater on a first attempt so I still went to the second-hand store and bought four sweaters for the bargain price of $5. Two of them totally fell apart when I tried to make them into ...anything... and one turned into a capybara. But one turned out. The one I stitched painstakingly by hand. That one went to my beloved Ash. (I know she gets a lot of crafty goodies, but she really is deserving!). Then I braced myself and set to work on this little guy. I am quite quite thrilled with the way he turned out, and D seemed happy with him too. Good thing, as I think I'm done with that particular type of project. By the time he was done... I was just all worn out.

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Jo-Ann said...

Gasp!!! I love him!!! She should call him Squishy and he should be her cute little Squishy!