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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pinterest Find

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and thought "I could do that..." but then realized you don't actually have any of the supplies or what-not to make it happen? That's how I felt about these Christmas trees. I saw them and thought "what a great idea" but then I realized I would have to either cut up a Hudson's bay blanket or go to any number of second-hand shops to track down old wool sweaters. I've done this before when I was making hippos and I really didn't enjoy it. THEN I went to the Pearls and Lace craftshow in Goodwood (first weekend in November every year) and found a whole table of these adorable trees. $10 each. Totally a bargain in my mind. And so I brought two home with me. I love it when that happens. Some days, that's just my kind of crafting

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Jo-Ann said...

Great find! Wish I could have hit the craft shows with you . . . Miss you.