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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Bunny

Years ago I attended the One of a Kind Show and fell in LOVE with the fierce bunnies made by Sonja Ahlers. I thought they were all just too sweet But I was already WAY over budget for that trip and couldn't quite justify another treat for myself.

I visited her booth several times after that and always talked myself out of a bunny. But they stuck with me. THEN I discovered Etsy. And Sonja had a shop there. And THIS bunny was listed: 

Isn't he darling? But he was already reserve for a much smarter shopper than myself. 
This fall I promised myself that I would come home with a bunny at the show. I have the perfect yarn to knit a mitten and then I can make my very own bunny ornament :) 

One afternoon when I had two seconds I checked out Sonja's shop and saw the most adorable, perfect, darling, FIERCE bunny. And I knew I wanted THAT one. So I emailed Sonja and asked if she could bring him to Toronto for me. Sadly, for the show, the bunnies wont be coming to One of a Kind this year. But lucky for me, bunnies ship readily. 
Today, a parcel arrived in my mailbox. I was carrying a sleeping not-so-little A in my arms at the time so I didn't get to open it til later. But what  great little present!

I will post more pictures of him when I have a mitten to tuck him into. Perhaps on the Christmas tree?


Mrs. Match said...

Oh too cute! Love the little face and the floppy ears!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love him!