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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pioneer Village Quilt Show 2013

Today was one of those days that went....perfectly. I stayed up WAY too late last night working on my MIL's quilt and should have been exhausted, but I had a really good sleep and then A woke me up by snuggling into bed, putting his had on my cheek and whispering "wake up Mommy. I love you. I want you to wake up and play with me!" I had a lovely two hours with him before N woke up and then we had a snuggle over coffee and chocolate milk. Mr. Ed got up to take charge of waffles and video games (they have ONE morning a weekend to play with Daddy and they so look forward to it). I went to Yoga, had an amazing class and then got a latte and did a little birthday present shopping for N. Came home to three happy boys who met me at the door with hugs and kisses and then I was left alone to have a nice hot shower.

Seriously, too good to be true right? I was getting suspicious!

Then Mr. Ed went out to visit his Mom and the kids and I got ready to go to the Pioneer Village Quilt show. I've never been but I've been looking forward to it all summer. The sky had turned grey and ominous but I decided to give it a go and see if we made it okay. The boys were not super excited but were cooperative - though there was some discussion of treats if they were good. I'm all for bribery some days!

When we got there they showed a little more enthusiasm (they usually have a great time there) and ran ahead while I was paying. Then they both came racing back - super excited! Mom, you've got to see this! There are QUILTS everywhere! Mom, seriously, get out here!

Then N did the absolute sweetest thing ever. He asked if he could take pictures, "So you can relax and just look at the quilts". The camera is worth more than my car and weighs more than he does, but I WISH I had a way of taking his picture while he was taking pictures. I was so proud and happy and I just wanted to cry he was so cute. People started taking his picture he was so serious and professional about it. And he had no shyness about him. If someone was in his way he politely asked them to move aside so he could get his shot. And then he nicely thanked them and moved on to the next quilt.
He's FIVE. I love him so much.
The best part? One gentleman asked him if he liked the quilts and he shrugged and said "they're okay. I think my Mom's are better". Ahhhh! Best day ever!
I should also give credit to little Mr. A. He was a total sweetheart and didn't run off once.
So please, indulge me a little. Here are my baby's photos of Quilts at the Creek. He did take most of them, then he got tired and ran off with his brother. There are a LOT of them! And they are of some pretty spectacular quilts too :)

 Mommy LOOK - quilts!

 A Christmas one! You should make a Christmas one!

Took me awhile to notice these all went together ;)

Jelly Roll! 

The Doctor's House (R, if you've scrolled this far, this one is for you and the girls)

Once N figured out what this said, he really liked this one :) 
Beautiful back of quilt....
And this is the gorgeous front! 
(part of the Quilts of Valour display) 

N thinks I should make one like this for him...only "with Sharks"

Fabric Shopping - Pioneer Style :) 

 N pointed out that I would never make a quilt like this one "because it has guns"

This one was just incredible! So many tiny tiny tiny pieces!

 And here ends my longest post ever!

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Kelly Elliott said...

I'm so jealous, this looked awesome and so relaxed. Well done. What a great photographer!! Hehe