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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


August 13, 2013

As I mentioned earlier, this has been the hardest quilt to photograph. It really needs to be hung up and photographed straight on. And outside is best.  This was further complicated by my wee helpers. The upside to encouraging my kids to be part of the quilting process is they really like them. The downside is.... they really like them and wont get out of the way!! 

Started July 8, finished August 12 :) Grey and Yellow Jelly Roll Quilt for my Mother-in-Law.

Mr. Ed is crazy about this corner photo. He seems to think its really artistic or something :) I love my husband. He refers to my crafts as Art and treats it with the utmost respect. It helps that he has an art (ish) backgroud and has many friends who are artists. But it's lovely to have his total support. Not to mention a husband who never notices when I don't finish the dishes or do the vacuuming because I'm busy sewing or knitting. The only comment he ever makes is "um...hun....I could really use some clean underwear?" He's willing to do laundry but knows I have a system. So I usually stop for a minute to throw in a load. The man deserves it. 

This was his quilt. He's been so worried about his Mom and at the same time so happy to have his family all pulling together. She's doing amazing and her attitude about it all is just so positive. And she LOVED her quilt. She was so surprised to receive it and was so impressed. I made sure to tell her that Mr. Ed picked out the fabric and the kids behaved for hours so I could work on it :) 
 She used to go to quilt shows and St. Jacobs all the time and loves the work of the Mennonites and she was just ... happy. She is a scientist and an academic and doesn't do any crafting so she's always interested in the whole process. I apologized that it wasn't quite perfect on the back and she smiled and said she liked how she could see my improvements. And she was appropriately impressed with my corner. I took a picture of it because I really was so pleased with how it turned out. 

I learned SO much working on this quilt. I took Craftsy classes - Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine and Free-Motion Quilting a Sampler. And I watched video after video on YouTube (not just for epic fails and Moves Like Jabba!). Mostly Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. And I found a tutorial in a quit magazine by Patrick Lose on how to to bind and do corners. I may be behind the times but I am SHOCKED at how much you can learn online.

I've already finished another Jelly Roll race quilt top and am working on a few other projects. As soon as the boys are off to school I'm going to get some work done!

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