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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It's a disaster! Nothing about basting and putting this quilt together has gone well. I CANNOT seem to get the backing to lay flat. And I have unpinned and repinned and done everything I can TWICE.

Not really sure what to do!

The 505 spray and the batting (no idea what kind, the lady at the store gave me something cotton and I stupidly didn't ask any more questions at the time!) were incompatible or something. I know the batting clings and catches on itself more than I'm used to. I think I should maybe try washing the whole thing? But I can't decide. I'm not sure i have the strength to undo over 400 pins AGAIN. And I really think I should undo at least a few of the lines of stitching.

This is for my MIL. It's my small way of helping cure her cancer. They wont let me donate blood directly so this is my thing. This and "the best peppermint tea she's had in 25 years". Seriously. I've put a lot of pressure on this quilt. I don't want to curse at it or get mad. That's bad Karma. So I went to yoga today and I'm trying to be zen.

My friend is coming over and she's bringing coffee (and her three boys!) and I'm going to put her to work un-pinning pins. She makes me laugh. With her support hopefully we can make this

Sigh. This is it. If I can't figure this out it's going to Nancy. (though I'm not even sure I have enough "edge" for the longarm. Sigh. I'm doomed!). I have total faith that Nancy could make it pretty, and perfect and smooth. But I really wanted to do this myself. What kind of quilter am I if I can't manage a basic stitch in the ditch. Sigh!

Sorry for the crummy photos. My husband spent last week at a photo shoot, taking pictures of Cheerleaders and I'm afraid to change the settings on the "good" camera. Yes, I'm having a great week, thanks for asking!

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Rougemount Quilting said...

Hi Jenn! How's it going? I hope you managed a few deep breaths and some downward dogs before continuing. Thanks for the shoutout by the way :) Are you using a large surface, or the floor to smooth out the wrinkles? Your lines are lovely and straight in any case. Loved your post on Black Creek!