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Monday, June 3, 2013

Today's Project

I just finished a HUGE project that I have been working on (more on that as soon as I can get outside to photograph it) and I am giddy with possibilities. I've cast on three new knitting projects, one crochet project and am busy setting up my machine for the above fabric. I was in my favourite quilting store on Friday to buy backing fabric for my Grandma's birthday present when I spied a basket of these darling little kits. They are to make the prettiest table runners. I have NO table, really, to put a runner on, but I can tell you right now, the purple one is MINE :) 

I really should be finishing Grandma's birthday present but with two boys home sick I need something I can pick up while they are napping. For Grandma's quilt I need the whole dining room floor washed, cleared and not walked on for a few hours. This is beyond my scope of imagination right now.....

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