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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Belated Birthday

I did a big photo shoot yesterday of a whole bunch of finished projects and as I was going through my photos realized I have quite a few saved already. Such a long stretch between posts and really, I've been getting so much done!

These were number two on my to-do list  and while they were done in good time, they were a birthday present for Miss D and therefore couldn't be published. But her birthday was a month and a half ago and she may already have worn holes in these so I think I'm safe to get writing.

I started these on a gloomy day in February when I just couldn't take much more of winter. I picked the yarn because it was bright and cheerful and had the adorable name of "Smiley Stripes". I think I knit them in about a week because they really were just a lot of fun. I'm easily amused so watching the colours change totally did it for me.

I especially love the mismatched toes. I sat wiggling my feet at the camera for a good hour and giggling away. Seriously, it was a really long winter!
I wrapped them up and gave them to D for her birthday with a note that read "Made from bamboo, have no idea how this will wash. Tag says machine washable, dry flat. Do NOT iron. Must have been talking to you because you WOULD iron socks. So just saying, don't iron. Happy Birthday! Sorry for the lame card but the boys were supposed to make one and then they got busy playing video games. Stupid boys. Happy Birthday anyway!"
She was amused. 

Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes
80% Bamboo (sourced viscose), 20% wool
Double Knitting yarn, 50g
Machine Washable at 40'
Wool cycle
Dry flat, reshape whilst wet
Do NOT iron
May be drycleaned
SH 253, Lot 10125

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