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Monday, June 17, 2013

Set for Four

This project is what this blog is for. I love to make things and I love to give them away. When I was fabric shopping a few weeks ago I picked up these great kits to make table runners. I spent an evening making one, totally in love with the fabric, finished it and then couldn't figure out what on earth to do with it! I tried it on every bookshelf, mantle, table, dresser and desk in my house. Looked ridiculous. My home is totally not suited to pretty purple table runners. Nothing could have been more out of place. So I tucked it away in the stash and at some point it may be frogged. (Is frogged a quilting term? I know it's a knitting term and it's so perfect, but does it apply hear? Why not, it's my works....)

Anyway, I had really intended to make something for myself and at some point I will. A purple quilt is slowly taking shape.....but for now I had two more kits for table runners and no real desire to make any. THEN I finished reading the instructions. And tucked away at the bottom was the note "You can also make placemats with the same tube. Once you have the fabric centered, simply cut strip in half and add points". GENIUS. Cut the strip in half. Sometimes I am blown away by the smallest things (or my own stupidity).

Placemats. THOSE I can use. Or at least, I know several lucky people who can, and will. Plus, I owe my aunt a birthday present. Her Collie pillow is having...issues.

So, last night, once the boys were in bed, I made placemats. And I am absurdly pleased with how they turned out. So pretty. And so much more useful than table runners. And exactly the sort of project I would wrap, give away and forget all about until I noticed them on my aunt's table years from now. And I would think "aren't those nice, why didn't I make more?". Well, because I gave them away and totally forgot about them. So now I have a record. Love the blog :)

Note to self - take out table leaf more often for cleaning. Just saying.

Pattern: The Twenty Minute (HAHAHAHAHA) Tablerunner, compliments of The Quilters Cupboard
Hearts: Basic Grey Kissing Booth for Moda
Pink Stripes: Good Morning! by Me&My Sister Designs for Moda
Polka Dot: Holiday Spot & Dot, The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2010
Pink Flowers: no idea

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Jo-Ann said...

Those are so lovely! love them! Your fabric choices are so bright and happy it just makes me smile.