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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday T!

This is the project I have been working on and working on. It's been almost a years work and I am thrilled with how it's turned out! I have enjoyed every minute of knitting on it and was not bored at all by the endless garter stitch. It holds a lot of fond memories and a great deal of anticipation. You see, despite many people asking if they can have it, and ONE family member offering to PAY for it (this is unheard of in my family!!) I have always known it was for my friend T. I didn't really even know her all that well when I started out and I had never seen the inside of her house at that time. But the colours struck me as being so her and then I did see the inside of her house (we're better friends now) and I think it will fit in perfectly. I hope she thinks so. Today is her birthday and I'm a little nervous about giving it to her. It's a little like the sweater curse. There are rules about that! I hope she doesn't think it's too much.

My darling N was too cute when he "caught" me wrapping it up. He is my sweet boy and would keep every single thing I have ever knit, crocheted or quilted. If he had his way he would be the Prince and the Pea. He would sleep on a pile of blankets a mile high and swear they were all his favourite. But when I told him who it was for he said it would be okay. He likes T - "she takes Mommy running and makes her happy". So we're good with N.

A helped me with the photography:

We had been cooped up inside for a few days when both boys had croup and he was so excited to be OUT. I had been staring out my window while I cuddled my sick boys, watching the rain fall, fixated on my nieghbours front lawn. It's just the right size and has a little bit of a hill.  I knew it would be perfect for taking a picture of my log-cabin. So when the weather cleared up and the boys were feeling good we headed outside for a play. I knocked on my neighbours door, explained why I was standing there with a camera and a bag of blankets....

...and made a new friend. She was SO nice about it all. I was a little embarrassed. She knew my name and both my boys names. (N's buddy lives in the house next door to her), but I think I've only met her once or twice and totally blanked on HER name! So embarrassing! She laughed at my request and said of course I could borrow her lawn for a few minutes. Then she ran into her house and brought out a photo album of her own work - she does the most incredible needlepoint! Really stunning work. So I found a kindred spirit. I am telling you, this afghan has the most positive energy about it.

So, it's all wrapped up and ready to go to my dear friend. We are treating ourselves to an afternoon of High Tea at the Windsor Arms (my idea of heaven) to celebrate. I cannot wait!

Happy Birthday T. I wish you every happiness, sunny days, hugs, friendship and joy this simple blanket can hold :)

Specs: Blanket measures 59x59 inches (so proud it's a perfect square, though if I do this again I may aim for a more of a rectangle. Either way, it's big and cosy. T and her boys should all fit under it quite nicely :)


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