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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Shopping....

Normally I don't go for Boxing Day shopping. I don't understand rushing out to buy all the things that Santa didn't bring you. I don't really understand rushing out to shop after a MONTH of frantic shopping is finally over. Shopping is not my thing. I like to spend the day after Christmas in my pajamas drinking coffee, knitting and reading. This year I spent the day in my pajamas taking care of two boys and a husband with the flu and putting together thousands of pieces of Lego.  It was still better than shopping. But after way too many hours in my house I decided to go for a walk. It was late. After midnight. I live in the city so there were still people out and about. Even if Starbucks was closed. But the air was fresh and I could window shop. And it didn't matter that I was wearing a long ugly parka over my pjs and Uggs. And I might have had booger in my hair. I was out. And it had snowed. And it was pretty. AND I found the coolest bag. So cool. Seriously. See my bag?

It's knitting! Pretty knitting! Purple knitting! I WANT this bag. Santa somehow missed it. It wasn't on my list so I forgive him. But I may have to buy it myself. If I ever get out during regular shopping hours. Midnight walks are cheap. And I object to boxing day. But I WANT THIS BAG!!

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