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Friday, December 21, 2012

I Fell In Love with a Churchmouse

I swear I just went in to look. Mom and I were out shopping a couple of weeks ago. It had been a rough morning with the boys. It was pouring rain. I was grumpy. The boys were settled in the car with the ipad and a movie (mother of the year here...) and it was very little trouble to move them to the stroller and the cosy couch in Mom's local Yarn store.  I just needed some cheering up. And Ellen's store is SO lovely. And she had beautiful hand-knit stockings hung in the window. And the boys were being QUIET. And I could feel my grinchiness lifting....
... and then I asked to see the patterns for the stockings.

And I was sunk. Churchmouse at Home had me at hello. I want to make ALL of the patterns! All of them. As it was I bought the patterns for the stockings (above), the ribbed and ruffled tea cosy

the Cosy Boot Cuff Pattern

The Turkish Bed Socks (my Mom went CRAZY for these!)
and the Hot Water Bottle Cover

 I bought three skeins of Cascade Eco Duo- baby alpaca! So soft! Then I went home and tried to grow more arms and more hours in the day. I have a brilliant plan for my best friend A's Christmas present and the hot water bottle cover is a perfect addition to the stocking I am putting together for her. I LOVED knitting that cover. LOVED it. I finished it in a day. I ignored my kids, ordered take-out and just knit. And it's done. And it's lovely. And thank goodness I bought enough yarn to make three. Both kids are home today with the flu and we are going to cosy up with some hot cider, Christmas movies, boxes of tissue, and Mommy's knitting. It's a good way to start the holidays early!

(note - all pictures are property of and link to the Churchmouse website. I will post pictures of my own hot water bottle cover when it's not pouring rain and the light is terrible! I wish I could post a swatch or something so you could feel how soft it is. My favourite project so far this year!)

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Turkish bed socks are my fave!

Happy Holidays!