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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Books of 2012

Just because I like to keep track :)
  1. (January ) Mind Your Own Beeswax - Hannah Reed (A Queen Bee Mystery) (ebook)
  2. Sunshine - Robin McKinley (Wanted to like this book, but sadly, so painful I cannot believe I read the whole thing!)
  3. No Place for a Lady: Tales and Adventures of Women Travellers - Barbara Hodgeson (given to me by K3 in 2002. More of a thesis work than a good adventure read. A little to heavy-handed feminism for my taste)
  4. The Help - Kathryn Stockett (Excellent, but I think everyone knows that by now)
  5. Cookie Dough or Die - Virginia Lowell(ebook)
  6. On What Grounds (Coffee House Mystery #1) - Cleo Coyle (a lot of great information about coffee, not sure how much I liked the book, too sick) March Break - sick with H1N1 (ebook)
  7. The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton (totally loved this book until the ending. Stupid plot twist. Not a big believer in husband sharing)
  8. (April) Dire Threads (A Threadville Mystery) - Janet Bolin, another K3 book, really enjoyed this series though I have never embroidered in my life! 
  9. A Treasury of Royal Scandals - Michael Farquhar (K3) 
  10. A Cookie Before Dying - Virgina Lowell (ebook)
  11. Cherry Menlove's Easy Jubilee (ebook) - Cherry Menlove
  12. Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton (fantastic book that I read with N, so inspiring and very relatable for a 5 year old as Bethany was so young. He really learned a lot from this book) 
  13. (June )Fatal Fixer-Upper - Jennie Bentley (ebook)
  14. Spackled and Spooked - Jennie Bentley (ebook)
  15. Plaster and Poison - Jennie Bentley (ebook)
  16. Mortar and Murder - Jennie Bentley (ebook)
  17. Flipped Out - Jennie Bentley (ebook)
  18. (August) Plan Bee (A Queen Bee Mystery) - Hannah Reed (ebook)
  19. Death in a Difficult Position - Diana Killian (A Mantra for Murder Mystery)
  20. In a Witches Wardrobe - Juliet Blackwell (ebook)
  21. Wall-to-Wall Dead - Jenny Bentley (ebook)
  22. Called Home - Sheila Connolly (An Orchard Mystery) (ebook)
  23. Girl of the Limberlost - Gene Stratton Porter (an old favourite)
  24. One Bad Apple - Sheila Connolly (An Orchard Mystery) (ebook)
  25. Threaded for Trouble - Janet Bolin (Threadville Mystery)
  26. Devil's Food Cake Murder - Joanne Fluke
  27. Cinnamon Roll Murder - Joanne Fluke
  28. Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook (plenty of reading and some fun recipes. Can definitely recommend the Carrot Cake!)
  29. Crunch Time - Diane Mott Davidson

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