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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The First of the Year

The first Christmas present of the year. I've finished much of my Christmas crafting (started in January of course!) but this one is the first to be wrapped up and given (mailed anyway) to the recipient. My friend S visited last week with her two beautiful twin girls. They are 18 months old and for one day my house was filled with pink! 

The girls love books and came armed with a big bag of them. It was so sweet to have a little girl come up and lean on my leg and ask to be read to. My boys love books but they are slightly less....gentle...about asking for a story (the morning I was woken up by my youngest SMASHING me in the face with a book comes to mind!). Their Mom is so proud of them but laments the destruction of the books. Especially the fact that the girls love to eat them! 

Their visit was short notice and I didn't have a chance to run out and get Christmas presents for them. So I missed my chance to play in the girl aisle of our toy store. Or to buy little pink outfits. But seeing them with their books did give me an idea for some crafting! I've had these kits tucked away forever and just never got around to putting them together. I've been quilting quite a bit lately (will post soon) and had my supplies close at hand. So I got out these little fabric books and put them together one evening. They were super easy and other than one slightly crooked seam, turned out beautifully. And the twins can toss, chew, squish and do whatever they like with them!

So here's to wishing my little friends a very Merry Christmas. I'm off to finish some more socks... and a quilt... and a cowl.... and...and...and. Well, I was feeling organized a minute ago :) Happy Holiday prep!

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