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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Uxbridge Santa Claus Parade

(You can click on any of the photos to see them bigger)

I love a parade. I especially love a parade when it happens during the first snowfall of the year. And I REALLY love a parade that starts at 11, where I can arrive at 11, and still find a good spot! (total luck that our spot was in front of a cookie sale that also served hot coffee and hot chocolate for the kids!!)

 See...good spot! 


 I love that little Shetland Pony. I wish he was on my side of the street. We had a St. Bernard in a hat sitting beside us and I would have liked to try and get the two of them in one shot. Too cute!
 My Grandpa says he likes Palaminos best - says he prefers Blondes. Cheeky ;) 

 The HILARITY of this "float" was not lost on my boys...

 Bring on the Celtic Christmas singers. They were really good and ...just lovely

 I want to know who this guy owed a favour to. This was the local beauty salon's float. 
Dude was pretending to have a bikini wax!

 Every kid in the audience wanted to be on this float...and a few grown-ups too! 

 My favourite. The Roxy movie theatre did this float and they played this CRAZY fun dance music and the kids popped their heads out like popcorn. It cracked me up.
 Clydesdales! So gorgeous.
 Kids dressed up as presents. My boys thought this was pretty fun (plus, they gave out candy!)
 The Viking Shrine Club. Who knew?
 See the foot? Almost as hilarious as the poop patrol :) 

 My youngest went crazy for this one. A train on main street! And they kept blowing the whistle. Thrilling!!
 The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Claus and all their reindeer. 
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!

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