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Friday, December 30, 2011

Books 2011

  1. Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders - Kevin Sylvester (kids book, loved it)
  2. Home for the Holidays - Debbie Macomber (ebook, my second ever, one of my favourite holiday reads)
  3. Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill (very first ebook, read for bookclub, not sure it lived up to all the hype?)
  4. On a Snowy Night - Debbie Macomber (ebook)
  5. Dead in the Family - Charline Harris (ebook) 
  6. 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating - J.B.Mackinnon and Alisa Smith (LOVED this book, drove everyone crazy quoting from it!) 
  7. Born in Small Town - Debbie Macomber (ebook)
  8. Naked Heat - Richard Castle (ebook)
  9. Cap Creek - Robert Morgan (probably well written but no likeable characters!)
  10. Comfort Food - Kate Jacobs
  11. If Walls Could Talk - Juliet Blackwell (K3 book)
  12. The Glassblower of Murano - Maria Fiorato
  13. The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything - Charlotte Hilton Anderson (interesting book, not sure I would ever have the discipline to do all those things without an instructor, I would miss Cathy!)
  14. Defending Angels - Mary Stanton (K3 book, meh)
  15. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - Sofie Kelly (K3)
  16. Fantasy Lover - Sherilyn Kenyon (recommended by a friend who assured me that if you like Buffy, Twlight, Outlander and Supernatural you will like this series. She was right! Very fun)(ebook)
  17. Secondhand Spirits: A Witchcraft Mystery - Juliet Blackwell (ebook)
  18. A Cast-Off Coven: A Witchcraft Mystery - Juliet Blackwell  (ebook)
  19. Secret Daughter: A Novel - Shilpi Somaya Gowda (ebook, but liked it so much I bought the hard copy so I could share it with family)
  20. Hexes and Hemlines: A Witchcraft Mystery - Juliet Blackwell (ebook)
  21. Night Pleasures/Night Embrace (Dark Hunters) - Sherilyn Kenyon (ebook)
  22. Pirates! - Celia Rees (teen book, very good read)
  23. Buzz Off: A Queen Bee Mystery - Hannah Reed (K3)
  24. The Beekeeper's Apprentice - Laurie R King (K3)
  25. Pleating for Mercy - Melissa Bourbon (K3)
  26. Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (new movie was coming out!)
  27. Trading Christmas - Debbie Macomber (ebook)
  28. Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay (ebook) - probably read in the wrong order. I love the show but found the book disappointing. Especially Deb. Deb is WAY better on the show!
  29. Dead Bolt: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery - Juliet Blackwell
  30. Seize the Night (Dark Hunter) - Sherilyn Kenyon

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