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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Start of Something BIG....

This was my first cape. 
My son is currently obsessed with Harry Potter, Star Wars and Sharks. He needed a cape, "IMMEDIATELY Mommy". We tried on one of the official Hogwarts robes at Indigo, but he immediately had an allergic reaction. Hives and itchiness and rash like he had a bad spell cast on him. So that was out of the question. So Mommy had to remember how to sew. My sewing machine and I only speak the same language 50% of the time, but for my darling boy I'll try anything (including holding a snake that tried to take up residence in my bra....seriously). 

So I got out the machine and looked up the YarnPirate's post on her unbelievable 22 capes! and got to work.  I used this pattern from The Long Thread.  I let N go through my entire fabric stash (shockingly large considering I really don't sew much, I just wish I could....) and he came up with....Santa Fabric. No problem, Santa can be a super hero right? He certainly is in this house :) The only change I made was rather than a velcro attachment, I used snaps. Not really for any reason other than I had them on hand and my local craft store didn't have any velcro. And it seemed safer than buttons or a tie.

I am particularly proud of the lightning bolt. And apparently my efforts were a success: 

Because it has not been taken off since!

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