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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Motherhood is Awesome!

So, this was my day today. Went to see my hairdresser to get my hair “fixed” – no more orange hair (I accidentally dyed it orange a few weeks ago by falling asleep with the dye in). In the middle of the dye process I got a call from N’s school. Haircut interrupted because N had a poo accident and wouldn’t let his teacher help him clean up. Could hear him in the background crying. Had to leave with wet, dye-covered hair and HOPE I would get back in time to wash it out. Did make it back in time and my hair looks MUCH better. N was fine too.

Afterwards, got home, went downstairs to turn off furnace (house was 85’F for some reason), came upstairs to A screaming and dirt everywhere (I swear I was gone 30 seconds maybe) – he was eating the dirt out of my ficus tree and N tried to stop him. Cleaned him up and left him playing in bathroom with bath toys while I cleaned up the living room. Heard water running. Came back into the bathroom to find N trying to “clean” up A with the plunger. Plunger was on A’s head and there was water EVERYWHERE. Cleaned up both boys and went out to living room to relax. Curled up in rocking chair with A and nursed him for a few minutes. He and I had a good snuggle and then he suddenly sat up and puked ALL over me – basically MUD.

Motherhood is awesome.

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