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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Great Chicken Debate

I hate salad. Actually I should put it: I HATE salad. Emphatically. It's partly a texture thing. Partly a taste (or lack of) thing. It's partly a chewing thing. I'm just not a fan. And you can't tell me to try mesculum mix, spinach, arugula (which I think I hate the most), other kinds of lettuce. I'm just not a fan. I should probably say that I hate "leafy greens" cause that's what it mainly comes down to. Give me a salad of cucumber, tomato and red peppers and I'm a happy camper. But lettuce...Yuck.

Still, every once in awhile I try. Usually when my diet/exercise program is not going as well as I'd like and I feel the need to be extra "good". So today I am having salad. Romaine lettuce, matchstick carrots and rotisserie chicken. With a little (very little) bit of light ranch dressing. If I have to have salad I don't like too much STUFF in there. And I really like rotisserie chicken.

But I discovered something. In my grocery store, it costs me between $7.99 and $9.99 for a rotisserie chicken. I walk home carrying the sucker and by the time I get here I'm starving. So I put the baby down for his nap and I go to unload my groceries. I nibble on the chicken. Then I get out my cutting knives and my storage containers and my scale and I start cutting and dividing it up. I snack some more while I do this. And usually, by the time I've done, I'm full. And I only have (this last time anyway) 8 oz of chicken left. 225 g. So that's about 2-4 servings depending on how generous/careful I'm being.

This is interesting to me because I had avoided buying the Lilydale Seasoned sliced chicken breast because it sells for about $10.99 on average. But for $10.99 I don't have to do any work, I can't nibble on the chicken the minute I get home, I'm not as inclined to snack cause it's not still hot and juicy and smelling wonderful. And I get (I think) 500g.

I've never tried it so I don't know if it will be as yummy as my rotisserie chicken but at the moment it gives me more "bang for my cluck" than my current method. So next trip to the grocery store I'm going to pick some up. Hey, anything that gets me eating my greens right?

Addendum (added after hitting the grocery store): Went to Loblaw tonight. They have their rotisserie chickens for $8.99 and the Lilydale for $11.49 and it is 500g. I bought it cause I have a very busy weekend ahead and figured I would try it out. But even with my poor math skills I know that if I didn't snack on the rotisserie chicken it would be the WAY better deal. Next time, I'll have some gum while I'm chopping and see how much that chickie yields.

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Micki said...

While you HATE salad, I HATE next time we go out, why don't we order a chicken salad, I'll eat the green stuff and you eat the chicken. There we go.....we've just eaten less calories!