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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Bin Diet

Okay. So. I'm insulted. Like most women I know I've been on some form of diet for as long as I can remember. I'm "good" at dieting. But I've never been mocked or rejected for my weight. Never actually put down or deliberately insulted. But today I recieved a slight from the City of Toronto that REALLY hurt.
I am new to the whole "Green Bin" thing. I've lived in an apartment for the last eight years and everything went down the shoot or to the recycling room. The whole garbage-day-drag-stuff-to-the-curb thing I've never done. When I lived at home it was my brother's job. It's a boy job in my mind. However my husband is ....useless...and unwilling in this situation and SOMEONE has to take out the trash, so it's become my job. And honestly, my new obsession. I thought I was doing everything right. I've been super careful.
But I got home from my daily errands today to find this:

My recycling had been emptied but my green bin sat there full as ever. And there was a little yellow tag sticking out the side:
It read "Items were left at the curb becasue: Overweight".
Seriously?! The thing currently holds a weeks worth of dirty diapers, some crackers and a few apple cores. The only thing that might make it too heavy is that it's winter and the contents of the thing FROZE. So now it's in my basement defrosting. HOpefully they'll take it this week. Cause I'm not sure what to do with it if they dont. Hmmmmm..... How does one put their green bin on a diet??

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