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Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Good Wife" Dinner

So today marks our ONE MONTH anniversary in our new home. And to celebrate (actually, I didn't realise until halfway through dessert, but it IS good timing) I actually COOKED. And had dinner on the table for all of us by 6:15.

This really shouldn't be all that shocking. But for about 2 months now I haven't felt like cooking. Between packing, Christmas, packing, the baby having ear infections, packing, moving, baby getting another ear infection, unpacking, Hubby gettting sick, unpacking and more unpacking I just haven't been interested. So we've kind of been living on take-out or easy-prep. Now I could live quite happily on cereal, scrambled eggs and English muffin pizzas (and so could my husband), but when he got super-excited over a bacon sandwhich and said he missed "home-cooked meals" I figured I was being a "bad wife" and should probably make us some real food.

So for dinner I cooked up a little roast ham with a dijon mustard glaze and the Sweet-Potato-and-Ham Fritters from February's Every Day with Rachael Ray (2009). I didn't follow the recipe exactly but they turned out AMAZINGLY well. My husband, who emphatically doesn't like sweet potato, ate 4. So there you go. I omitted the ham from the actual fritters and left out the celery. I hate celery (so I didn't make the salad either). I would use a grainy mustard next time and I used the full tablespoon right in the fritters. It was delicious. I also made a sour cream and chive dip to go on the side and I think my family thought they had died and gone to heaven. I even managed dessert! Good wife status today for sure :)

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Micki said...

Sounds yummy. I want to try that recipe