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Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Ugly Quilt

In the Summer of 2013 my Aunt went to Prince Edward Island on her summer vacation and was super excited to bring me back all sorts of quilty goodness. I was crazy addicted to quilting at the time and was thrilled to have someone buy me fabric! I had asked her to bring me ONE fat quarter in purple and instead she brought me fat quarters and two quilt kits. Neither were in colours I would have chosen myself, which at the time was kind of fun.

Fast forward to Winter 2015. I've made so many quilts I'm kind of exhausted by the whole thing and my last two have been stuffed in shopping bags to be fixed and finished when I'm done being mad at them! All the lovely fabric and kits that I have bought myself and have been given by sweet family and friends now make me feel guilty as they sit there, waiting to be turned into something great.

I just don't FEEL like quilting right now (on the plus side, my knitting has really flourished!)

My Aunt's birthday was coming up and I thought maybe a deadline would prove motivating. I also had slightly less pressure as I was not planning on finishing the quilt, simply piecing it together so she could go pick out backing, batting and binding. So .... not so bad right? Then I opened the kit. I'm not sure how drunk the person who put it together was, but there was not a straight line in the whole thing. I started trying to follow the pattern the kit came with but that many 6x6 inch squares were NOT going to come together well if all of the edges were wibbly wobbly. I couldn't face it! So I kind of did what I love to do and completed a center bit and then log-cabined it through to the end:

It looks...okay. I don't really love the colours and while some of it is pretty, some of the fabric is just...odd. I would definitely NOT have put all of these together and I'm curious how it would have looked if I had just kept going with the squares. It was supposed to be more random, less planned looking. I'm not sure, and now I'll never know. I just hope she likes it! Not enough to buy me any more on her next trip... but enough that she's happy with it ;) 

Final measurements: 63x81


Monica said...

I love the honesty of your title. No pretending here, is there? Not a heat combo I agree, but I guess the question is...what did your aunt think?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad your aunt was happy with it! I think it looks great, despite you not liking the colors.