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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

 Ah Mother's Day... a day seriously doomed for some degree of disappointment. Or perceived disappointment at the very least. My husband has spent all weekend convinced I'm mad at him..

Mr. Ed does an incredible job when it comes to surprise presents or extravagant dinners out but birthdays, Valentine's Day, mother's day... even Christmas, to a certain degree, he always "forgets". He doesn't really, the man works in Marketing and spends months prepping ads for these days. But when they roll around I suspect he's a little burnt out and just doesn't care anymore. He's already working on ...oh right...Father's Day (I always miss that one!)

Needless to say, I'll have a treat sometime in the next few weeks, but I got up, made coffee, fed A breakfast, set three alarms for N, poured an instant breakfast down his throat, got in the car, battled traffic to get around the Sporting Life 10K, felt fat and lazy for not running in it, dropped them off at gymnastics, grabbed a quick coffee at McDonalds, picked up A, took him for second breakfast at Tim Hortons, picked up N and then...sat for an hour and a half in traffic to go a distance that normally takes me FIVE minutes!!!! Still not clear on the accident details but they had to close the DVP and all traffic was re-routed through that area. So we sat...and sat...and sat...A played Angry Birds and N watched Doctor Who. Both at full volume. My head hurt.

When we could finally move a little I turned into the nearest grocery store to get N some lunch. It was close to 2:00 and he'd done hours of gymnastics but really had nothing to eat. He had some pizza and potato wedges (LOVE the hot food counters at Loblaws!) and then we did a quick swoop of the store to pick up lunch supplies and snacks for the week. We made it to the cash with fruit, cookies, crackers and ice cream... and 8 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles (only reason I ever had for driving to the states to go to Target ;) ). Then the boys spotted the flowers...


First they had to have a screaming wrestling match over one because they both wanted to give it to me....N won that, 

... and then A threw himself on the floor sobbing because he didn't have flowers for Mommy. I told him it was okay, he could "buy" me some too. So he spent a few minutes looking and came running over with these:

Then N started crying... do YOU see the problem?? 

The purple butterfly!! my house full of boys it is well known that PURPLE is my favourite colour. So despite being first, N felt like A had made the better choice. 
So now I have two beautiful bouquets of flowers and I have to claim pink as my new favourite colour ;)

 Ah, Mother's Day...the day we make an entire grocery store crack up!

Once again I really do have to thank the boy's teachers. They are fantastic. 
And all gift-kidding aside. THESE are the gifts the boys work on and are SO proud to give me after school on Friday. 

A was beyond excited about his "seeds". He is completely obsessed with gardening and making things grow. And he is wicked protective of them. I was only allowed to HAVE my present if I promised to be careful!
 "My love for you grows and grows, 
Just like these marigolds!
I planted these flowers to let you know,
Just how much I love you so! 

So cute :) 

And this is from N. It says
"I love you to the moon and back"
and I must point out the comet. He is exceptionally proud of the comet. 

My favourite part of N's present though, is the card: 

 "You love me day and night
Even when me and my brother fight"

and a drawing of a Sharktopus :) 

So awesome! 
And the poem... priceless!


Monica said...

So this sounds pretty much exactly like MY mother's day, except that I did not get any flowers. I did get a cute card that Aidan made at school, but that I have a sneaking suspicion he made one of the girls in his class help out with....
Oh is what it is, right??

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those are some lovely plants! And some beautiful cards. My mother's day was pretty much the same.... :)