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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Cottage in Winter

For years I have wanted to take the boys up to the cottage in the winter. But up until last spring, I really didn't have a vehicle that could risk it. But then I got Gretchen. Gretchen is the name of my Jeep and I adore her. So this March Break I decided the time, the weather and the roads were right to make the trek. My Mom was super excited and the boys were thrilled at the chance to go up and play in the woods. It was fantastic. Everything I had hoped it would be. 
The temperatures were +4'C and the drive up was smooth sailing. We knew we wouldn't have running water and may not be able to get in the driveway so we packed light and hoped for the best in terms of electricity. 
The boys were hilarious. We got there and they jumped out of the car in their pjs...and then immediately jumped back in to grab snowpants and coats and mittens :) 
I made them carry their own backpacks of stuff and while they DID complain about "roughing it" ...they had no problem carrying the ipads or cables for the satellite tv!
Once they saw the frozen lake and the piles of snow they went crazy. They immediately grabbed their ninja swords and went on a bear hunt. Luckily they actually found tracks (I'm hoping it was just a large dog...) and spent the rest of the weekend in delicious anticipation of actually meeting a bear. (it's a family legend the time a black bear tried to climb in the kitchen window to take part in a bbq lunch spread so it's not impossible...)
They helped carry wood and we had a cozy campout in front of the fire with pizza and natchos for supper - all in the name of minimal dishes to wash. Pizza Hut may not deliver, but pickup on the trip north was well worth it! We brought hot water bottles and quilts and by bedtime had the place warm enough that N pulled off his t-shirt and declared it too hot.
Pancakes and bacon in front of the fire for breakfast and a rousing, if interestingly "ruled" game of monopoly before heading back out to play in the snow.
Absolutely everything I had hoped for and the perfect end to the March Break.
 Gretchen in the snow
 Hauling in gear from the road (even Gretchen wasn't going over those snowdrifts)

 Views of the Lake
 "Brear Tracks"...likely a big dog...but sent the boys into throes of excited terror!
The old homestead, warm and cozy and happy to have company after a long winter

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

The cottage looks awesome. Wish I had a place like this to go to!