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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hibiscus and the Nick Cowl

A few weeks ago I was getting frustrated with every project I was working on. N had me working on an Eleventh Doctor Doll that was fun until I got to the pants and realised that crocheting super tight stitches in black yarn might make me crazy and blind at the same time! 
 I had started a pair of socks but thought the yarn was too nice for socks but couldn't bring myself to frog them...even though I found the perfect project to use it for instead. 
Started Campside but need total focus, concentration, and alone time to work on it. So it's going say the least!
Needed something quick and simple that I could knit when my brain was tired or when I was on the go. And I had the prettiest yarn to work with: 
And these are pictures of Hibiscus (Hibisci?) that I looked up on Wikipedia because I wanted to know what colour a Hibiscus was :)
Ever so pretty! 

At first I thought the yarn was going to be another SYEShawl, but the way the yarn is dyed the runs of colour are too short and it wasn't looking right. And then I discovered Nick. Not only do I love the name :) … it looks perfect. I am LOVING how the colours are pooling and KNOW I am going to love wearing it. 

Only problem? N thinks I need to go shopping and get some better clothes…apparently it “doesn’t look right with gym clothes”!!?? Not going to smoosh my 7-year old! Not going to smoosh him!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Seeing this in person - it's just lovely.