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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ring of River Song

I have a friend who once told me that she asked her husband to never buy her jewellry because she only has boys and she doesn't want to give her favourites to possibly-disliked-future daughter-in-laws. Hmmmmmm.....
I'm not sure about that. I am notorious for being the girl who had her husband return a beautiful diamond Tiffany's bracelet because I wanted a Kayak. 
I really love my kayak. And I rarely wear the jewellry I do have. 
But my heart MELTED when N saw this ring on my Doctor Who pinterest board and thought I should have it. So he "bought it" (with my credit card) for my birthday. 
He was SO proud when it arrived and he is so pleased when I wear it. 
It is not fancy or expensive and I can't get it wet (something about the glue) but it is my FAVOURITE and most valued piece right now... right up there with the bead necklaces he makes for each of my races. 
I like it so much I had my nails painted Tardis blue, just to show it off even better. 
N and I are big Dr. Who fans and while he has all sorts of "cool" bonding things with Dad, he and I have our Friday night geek nights. We snuggle up with our Tardis pillow and some quilts and watch as many episodes as we can stay awake for. And when I kiss him goodnight we say:
"I love you a million, billion, zillion 
plus infinity and a googleplex and a Tardis and a go-cart and a kiss" 
Any future daughter in-law had better be PRETTY special before I give his one up!
And possibly named River...  

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a beautiful ring! Love the nails. Did you only find out about the ring after it arrived, that it was charged to your card???

Ya, I ain't giving any of my jewelry to future daughter-in-laws... it'll go to future granddaughters... one of my three boys will give me a granddaughter, right? That I can doll up and play with and give back when the diaper is full and she is cranky... lol