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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunny Days

It's done. Afew weeks ago SailorGirl called from the BVI's and said she is coming home for a visit in July. She doesn't make it home all that often so it always qualifies as a deadline for something I'm making for her. I immediately sped up/focused my knitting and Sonnensegel is done! Yay :)

Knit with Noro (can't find the label - I thought it was Kureyon but it could be silk garden)
and Debbie Bliss Angel (colour 15026, dyelot 68677)

Stopped when I finished the Angel and had about 3 1/2 oz of Noro left. Would prefer it to be a bit larger - if I were to make again I could make the pom first so I wasn't worried about having enough and I would buy 2 skeins of each yarn.

Still, it's lovely. It blocked out beautifully and the Angel is SO soft! And maybe bigger isn't better. Might get a little crazy. But I was envisioning a SAIL and this is a little on the small side.

Or so I thought until I had D model it for me... She's five-foot-one and it's plenty big enough for her. It actually fits me really nicely too (I'm just not keen on selfies!)

 I had so much fun knitting this. It wasn't very portable but the change in colour kept me totally fascinated and once I switched out my bamboo needles for steel it moved along rather quickly. Totally tempted to cast on another one... just have to settle on a colour!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

It's stunning! And I'm glad I get to help you pick out another colorway. I'll email you in a bit about that. Interesting about making the pompom first... I'll remember that for my next one, lol.

I am sure your friend will love it. She doesn't read your blog? This won't spoil it for her?