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Friday, May 23, 2014

A Rabbit for Lou

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how nice it was to have Robyn visit and have a whole weekend with crafters who speak my language. And it really was a treat. But I should also make note of how lucky I am with my non-crafting friends. They all listen to me babble on about plans and enthusiastically admire my finished projects when I'm in show-off mode. And sometimes, when the perfect project comes along, they even BUY MY SUPPLIES!  I've always been lucky with yarn - K3 and several friends who travel a lot buy beautiful yarns from all over the world. My Mom and I have a great system of Christmas stockings full of yarn (mine) and hand-knit socks (hers). D lets me raid her goodwill bags for wool sweaters to cut up, and for years Ash and her sisters saved me jeans to make denim quilts. It's a fantastic system :)

This was exactly the case with Miss Maggie Rabbit. I love Alicia's blog and have followed her for years but didn't have much reason to make a very pretty, little girl bunny. Don't get me wrong. The boys would have loved her and enthusiastically added her to their stuffy collection. I'm just not sure how well she would hold up to their Ninja battles...

So I could not have been happier when, one warm evening last summer, my friend Alissa dropped by with a parcel. We had talked about the Maggie Kits and she went ahead and ordered one! She has three little girls and shops antique sales the way I shop craft festivals. Her house will be perfect for Miss Maggie. It took me awhile to clear my to-do list, but with Baby Louise's second birthday fast approaching I thought I'd better get moving. A hadn't given me a deadline but a birthday seemed like the perfect time to aim for.

 One night last week I got to work. Aren't the kits pretty? Alicia does a beautiful job wrapping it all up and her instructions are SO clear. There are a few things I would do differently if I were to make Maggie again - had some issues with my not-so-erasable fabric pen! But beyond that she was relatively easy and fun and quick. And it was so fun to hand-sew something for a change. I finished knitting her little dress over the weekend and when the sun came out on Tuesday I took a few pictures. Okay, more than a few.. I really was delighted with how she turned out!

So there she is, all set for a sweet little girls' birthday party.
Both N and A have asked for "boy bunnies" so there may be a bunny in a ninja costume in my near future... we'll see!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's the cutest thing ever. And on top of it, that little mini swing... how cute! Is it yours? The whole thing is just adorable! I'm sure she will like it.

Your barter system sounds awesome :)