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Friday, December 20, 2013

Crazy Lady with a Hammer

So Mr. Ed thinks I've lost my mind. He walked into the dining room this morning to find me hammering a nail into a McDonalds toy's head.

 Then I told him I was crafting...
 Mr. Ed doesn't "do" Christmas stockings. He grew up celebrating on the 24th and so isn't used to the whole madness of Christmas morning. And he thinks stockings are a little....dumb.
 I love stockings more than just about anything and in recent years my Mom and I have given up regular gifts and just fill each others stockings (Santa's busy with the kids). I understand Mr. Ed's confusion. My Mom and I wrap EVERYTHING right down to tubes of toothpaste and packs of gum. He thinks it's crazy.
 So I can see why he was more than a little entertained by today's last minute project.
 I am totally pleased with them and may..have a little trouble giving them up!
My Mom LOVES the Wizard of Oz. And a few months ago McD's had these as their Happy Meal toy. I spent a solid week driving around buying coffee or meals for the boys or whatever until I had tracked down the full set.

 The scarecrow was the last one... he was hard to find!
But I got them all, hammered holes in the back of their heads, attached hooks and glue-gunned them to their piece of the Yellow Brick Road. N says "they aren't  very Christmas-y" but I'm sure my Mom will be pleased. 
Then Mr. Ed reminded me that Mom doesn't really put up a tree anymore...

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Jo-Ann said...

Oh wow! I must find me a set! Those are so cute! Christmas is not Christmas without watching Wizard of Oz! At least once.