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Saturday, September 14, 2013

ReMaking the Foosh

This was me back in 2001 working on Foosh. I didn't know it then. That was four years before I was married and six years before N was born. It was intended to be a blanket for me. As a matter of fact, for years it was. And then N came along. He immediately decided it was to be his-

And after that he was rarely without it

Foosh has gone many places and done many things. After four hours of waiting in airport security Foosh  brought down the guards when they tried to take it away for scanning. They sheer volume and force of N's reaction helped them decided it wasn't a risk ;)

Foosh has been there for all bad dreams, all croupy hospital visits, all car rides and all cuddles, hugs, movies, forts and bed-jumping extravaganzas. This is what Foosh looks like now....

 If you look closely, really closely.... and squint... you can sort of see the original pattern.
My mother is convinced that Foosh is a choking hazard and that I should (gasp!) throw him out. 
In an effort to "solve" this problem I have made three possible replacements: 

 Totally nice right? 
Nope. Wrong colour. 
Wrong size.
NOT Foosh


So I took N to the yarn store (he's starting to see the wisdom of aquiring an ADDITIONAL Foosh, he refuses to get rid of the original) and let HIM pick. This morning, while watching Lego Ninjago: Legends of Spinjitzu for the 10 millionth time, I finished New Foosh!

There it is with the collection of Sharktopi (Sharktopuses?) and Sharks and Tiny Shark (also very important to bad dreams and general good moods) and dear Old Foosh. I almost had a really great shot of N wearing new Foosh as a cape while running around with a ninja sword tucked into the back of his t-shirt.. but he's onto me. Refuses to let me take his picture anymore :(

In case I need to know this again, Foosh was made from:
Mary Maxim Baby Value
Colour 167.8 Blue
dye lot 48345
170 g ball, 4 balls total
Each ball made about 15 rows of the pattern
9 mm crochet hook
10 waves, measures 41x42 inches total
Would have done more but couldn't get anymore in the right dye lot and N totally noticed the difference. That kid is too smart for my own good ;) 

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Mrs. Match said...

ok that is so sweet that you made his blankie, and I love that he carries it around even though it's all tattered and torn. Love the name Foosh too.