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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Forget the Fridge.

I have the exact opposite of a formal dining room. Every inch of free space is covered in every piece of art work my children have ever brought home. Every piece. Forget the fridge. We've gone floor to ceiling. My kids are beyond proud of it!

When I claimed a SMALL corner of space for my sewing table and became hooked on quilting a few months ago, I decided I needed a design wall. Small problem. There is NO wall left. None. We may have to start on the ceiling next. So, I strung a piece of ribbon across the window sash and when I need to plan a quilt I hang it from there. It cuts off some light, but it leaves the quilt backlit and can help quite a bit with colour schemes and inspiration.

I also LOVE it when A comes out in the morning and shrieks "Mommy! Look what you've made! That's AMAZING!" Every time. It's awesome. 

This is the new quilt I started this weekend. I'm calling it "Forgot the Kale". 
It's for my vegan friend A. Her birthday is on Thanksgiving every year and we always joke about how she gets a Pumpkin Pie rather than a cake. Now she makes her own vegan version, brings Tofurky and always some dish that is heavy on the Kale. It's her favourite food. When I spotted this line - Farmer's Market from RJR Fabrics I knew I HAD to make her a quilt. I'm not entirely sure this fabric was SUPPOSED to be combined in quilt form, but I think it's really cool. I used four charm packs and arranged them in a spiral as they came out of the pack, starting with the garlic. I am quite happy with the overall effect. 

What I REALLY like about it now is that it is creating the most beautiful light in my home. 

I'm not sure I have to photography skills to really capture it, but it's lovely.
Not sure how I'm going to find the motivation to finish it. I like it right where it is :)

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Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the reds.