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Friday, April 12, 2013

We Needed Some Minions....

N absolutely LOVES the movie Despicable Me. Loves it. He loves Margot. He loves Gru. And he LOVES Tim, Mark and Phil. 

He is convinced that life would be better if we had some minions. Whenever I ask him to do anything he stomps around muttering "If I only had some minions, THEY would take care of this"! On Friday, another day of rain, I was puttering about in our basement (storage, unfinished, not a place to play) and came across a bag of Mr. Potato Head parts that I had bought ages ago at a second hand store. The kids fell on them like this was the greatest thing I had ever given them (clearly a long day....)

After many characters had been assembled and the boys had cracked each other up trying on different faces themselves, N brought me the above three guys and asked me to keep them safe. "I made myself some minions,' he said proudly. "Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them!"

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Jo-Ann said...

Haha!!! LOVE it!