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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunflowers in a Thunderstorm

 Last Monday night there was a huge Thunderstorm. I put the kids to bed early and set myself up to do some sewing. This is what I did with my time. Cute eh?! I really needed a quick, finished-in-one evening sort of project and this just made me so happy :)

My grandmother recently gave me a big bag of fabrics - mostly pre-printed pillow and quilt tops that we used to make every summer. This was one of the pillow tops, all set to go with batting and backing. But I really didn't feel like making (yet another) pillow. So  I followed this tutorial and used a whole spool of thread and made my first box pouch and added some free-motion quilting. I took a quilting course NINE years ago and bought the attachment but have never gotten myself organized. It was so much fun and turned out so well.

My husband came in at one point and had a good laugh. He says I had my tongue between my teeth and was moving my head around, following the swirls of the stitching. He thought it was hilarious.

I was going to give it to my Grandma full of pretty knitting needles (my favourite yarn store has them with sunflowers painted on the head) and some yarn, but the last three times I've given her yarn it's been a disaster so I put in a BOOK about knitting and she was mostly pleased. I think she was actually a little confused by this random gift, but she was impressed with the overall effect. Once she decides what she really wants to do with the pouch I am sure she will enjoy it :) 

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Jo-Ann said...

Nice work! You have to teach me that free motion, I've tried and mine didn't look as pretty.