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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Loved Socks :)

For Christmas 2009 I gave my friend D a pair of socks.Those are her feet on the far left. She has size 5 feet so they took about ten minutes to knit. She loved them and made a point of showing them to me every time she wore them. It was so nice to have such an enthusiastic recipient that I made her another pair for her birthday in April. 

Last week I received the following photo in a text message with the message: 
"So... I swear I took care of them! I hope this means that they were well loved and worn! :("

She didn't understand when I wrote back that I was thrilled. Especially when she emailed me a photo of the other pair in even worse condition. She's not a knitter. She doesn't understand that this is what we live for. Someone to NEED us to knit them more stuff. I couldn't be happier. In a state of excitement I cast on three more pairs. Am aiming to finish pair #1 this weekend so she can start wearing them out as soon as possible.

Well loved socks. Best text ever :)

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