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Thursday, February 28, 2013


My younger son is at that age where he doesn't want to sit in the stroller (unless the ipad is involved....). The other day we were out shopping and he was SO well behaved I texted my husband to tell him about it (A is a professional two-year-old. Small victories are celebrated). He was so good I even braved a trip into our local yarn store and was able to properly check out the yarns and decide on a few new skeins for my Beekeepers Quilt. He didn't throw a single ball of yarn. He didn't mess up the beads. He was "perfect". Then we walked ALL THE WAY to my older son's school (about a 20 minute walk). On the walk home A finally got tired and asked to ride in the stroller. I pulled back the cover and found a stuffed bunny (bookstore) and two skeins of 100% merino yarn (on sale). Good taste. Bad habit. All of the above have since been returned/paid for but I couldn't resist a picture. Little klepto has good taste at least. Sigh.

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